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Much love, and with that, :bye:.
A quick brief update.

Even I am unable to think of an excuse for my absence. Too many have asked the same question since yesterday, and I've no idea what to say back to them. Really, I'm not sure myself why I forced my self away from this place. Perhaps it was lack of motivation/inspiration on my part, or perhaps it was a secular presence I felt that plagued this area, I can't say for sure. That didn't stop me from lurking every once in a while though. I've witnessed an episode of the childish drama that took place revolving around jark, which appears to have affected the activity here.

Moving ahead, I'm happy to be using dA again and getting in touch with the homeless people I left here. More parties for the masses await, lads. :D
"Scientists had to make thousands of calculations to create the (atomic bomb) and determine its effects... Computers and atomic bombs, both products of World War II, grew up together."

a temporary and bare-boned portfolio. The sexy button to the top takes you there. Go go go!!
Introducing Aiko 3.0 from DAZ(R). Aiko 3.0 (also known as "A3") was created specifically with anime and manga inspired digital art in mind. With A3, you can recreate all your favorite anime and manga girl characters with ease. From sexy anime warrior to sultry manga woman, this new female can become whoever you want her to be.

Anime girls are a major focus in all anime and manga inspired art. How would you like to easily create your own Anime or Manga art in 3D? All the images you see here were created using our newest figure model - Aiko 3.0. We are giving away the Aiko 3.0 Base model for free. You may download her and our free DAZ|Studio software and start making beautiful anime artwork immediately! No purchase required at all.

:bulletblue: Aiko 3