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I believe it is necessary for every individual to grow and carve his own identity free from the influence society forces upon him. It is a necessity for every individual to release himself from the claws that hold back his progression and hinder his development, to release his potential and become that which he was originally intended to be. To have his own identity, his own thoughts, his own feelings, his own ideas, to be unashamed of what he believes in and to be proud of who he is. That's what it means to be an individual, and that is the ultimate reward one can have; to neglect all influence that tries to taint the personality and ascend and become that which is most holy: an independent individual.

Though I support that every individual should look to attain his utmost individuality, I do not however support that it should be done in shameful manners. One should have pride but also one should have humbleness. An individual who works hard for his own personal growth should have the virtue of modesty as well, and seek the helping hand of his companions when the need arises. Though I believe that one should be working first and foremost for his own benefit, but it is not wrong sometimes to pause for a while and stretch a helping hand to those in need. We are fundamentally individuals. With out the individual there is no society. Under this light, it is the individual before the society. The "I" before the "We". Though I know that much, but it is a community we live in, and towards that community we have obligations. Let's not call them obligations, but rather "bonds", and these bonds are what guaranteed our continuity and saved us from many a perils we fell in.

That is why I believe that evolution first should occur from within. The individual should the one be progressing before society, for with the progression of the individual, the progression of society will naturally come. What good is a beautiful palace if all the inhabitants are filthy apes? What good is a shiny new car if it lacks an engine? What value does humanity hold with out that which is most beautiful - the individual?
A few thoughts and reflections...
Soshi-Yonaka Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007
i like ur thoght but there's one thing that doesn't work on it....

as i see, you cannot be individual without knowing what society is. I mean, at firts youir part of a society and then you stop and make your own way to, maybe yer maybe not, go back to society when u had become who you really are supossed to be.

So that, you cannot begin being without society. Cause one way or other you must realize that it's the one who's trying stoping to being you.

I don't know if that really mean sense but...i just wanted to say it.

Anyway, i enjoyed reading this, someway it reminds me to getting out of society.

And i really like the part of "tretch a helping hand to those in need".

Nice ^^
uAe-Designer Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
shall i say welcome back ???


missed u bro

hope u doing well ..

agreed with ur words and thoughts ,, so meaningful

"To have his own identity, his own thoughts, his own feelings, his own ideas, to be unashamed of what he believes in and to be proud of who he is"
saynt Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007
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June 26, 2007
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